SKT Faker on why his Lissandra winrate is so high: “Because I’m good.”

Faker and Teddy are the MVPs of today's match against Sandbox Gaming. Image Source: Korizon

SK Telecom T1 defeats Sandbox Gaming to grab sole ownership of second place in LCK. With a top 2 finish on the line, both teams came in with much to prove, with Sandbox pulling themselves ahead in the earlier parts of the first game. However, SKT was able to make comeback teamfights, eventually closing out the series with a clean 2-0.

Riot Korea interviewed Park “Teddy” Jin-seong and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok following the match.

Today’s match was quite an important match, with second place on the line. Tell us how you feel after your victory today.

Teddy: I am glad that we were able to win such an important series.

Faker: Since a lot of people came over to congratulate my 6th year as a pro player, I was worried about what would happen if I don’t receive MVP.

In the first game, things weren’t looking good for SKT at the start. Was the team worried about the state of the game at the time, and what kind of comms were there?

Teddy: While the game going in a way that was a bit worrying, since I was scaling well, Mata told everyone “wait for Xayah to get more items. We can win through him.” and we were able to withstand pressure [from Sandbox Gaming].

At the end of the game, you were able to complete your build on Xayah. How were you able to do so despite earlier deficits?

Teddy: In the first game, I only thought about my own growth and took all the jungle camps, which I think helped.

In the mid lane fight, it seemed Sandbox played well and it would be over, but then it transitioned into a favorable result for SKT. Can you tell us how that happened?

Teddy: The teamfight was going in a worrysome direction for us, but then I saw Galio charging his W and thought “oh, he will go for a flash-taunt here” and ulted preemptively [Xayah’s Featherstorm], which worked out well for us.

Faker, your Lissandra is at 8 wins and 1 loss right now this split. What are your thoughts about the champion?

Faker: I don’t think she’s fun to play. However, it allows me to cover for my teammates even if they are not playing well.

Why do you think your Lissandra winrate is so high?

Faker: Because I’m good. [Crowd cheers]

In the second game, your synergy with Clid was quite good. He picked Electrocute instead of Conqueror. Do you think it helped?

Faker: I only realized he picked Electrocute after the game. But since I was so great at coordinating ganks, I think we would have succeeded even if he picked Aery.

There was a moment where you managed to get a kill on Dove in the bottom lane. It took you quite some time.

Faker: Yes, I didn’t think I would die there, but it was quite close. I didn’t expect Aatrox to be that strong.

And then, there was a fight near the Baron area where you managed to evade death once again. 

Faker: I thought I might die there, but I think Ryze let me live.

While you were dodging skillshots in the skirmishes, were you planning it out, anticipating how much damage you can take while fighting?

Faker: Since you can not play with the mindset of dying, I play with the thought of surviving in fights. Sometimes though, I get away with minimum HP.

In those situations, even the smallest mistakes can lead to kills [for your opponent]. Weren’t you pressured while playing?

Faker: I wasn’t too nervous since I played for such a long time.

This is your six-year anniversary as a pro player. A lot of fans have come over to support you today. Any words to them?

Faker: A lot of people came to cheer for me, which I think helped me get MVP today. With today’s 2-0 victory over Sandbox Gaming, there is a significant chance for us to finish in second place. I hope everyone continues to support us and we will do our best to make it all the way to finals.

Teddy, you showed great performance in today’s match. Your next series is also quite important. Can you give us any words going into it?

Teddy: I hope to play our next game as well I did today. I’ll try my best to win our next games.

Faker: We were able to win our series against Sandbox. For our remaining two series, we will make sure to do well, and end our split on a high note.


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