KZ Deft: “We were able to realize just how bad our current performance is and work even harder.”

This is the press conference interview with Deft and TusiN, the AD carry and support of Kingzone DragonX.

Congratulations on the 4-win streak, Deft and TusiN. How do you feel about your performance today?

Deft: Our performance wasn’t perfect, yet we are continuing to somehow win, match by match.

TusiN: The way that Deft has described it is accurate. There are some matches that we win cleanly, however, there are more matches that we don’t.

Was there any part of the match that was difficult for you? Was there a moment where you became sure of the victory?

Deft: I got caught out at a brush once when Baron was up. Our team composition meant that I had to get some items that will let me survive and carry. However, I got caught out and Baron was up…It was depressing. I thought we would lose the game because of me. However, when we prevented the enemy team from hitting the Baron and won the teamfight, I became sure that we will keep winning the following fights.

TusiN: Until the middle of the game, we kept trying to find an opening for a teamfight. Our draft meant that if Akali did not go into the enemy ranks successfully we would have a difficult teamfight. However, when Deft finally built some survival items and could push the enemy team away things became more positive.

You had a difficult schedule at the beginning of the split, suffering losses against two powerful teams, Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming. However, now you are currently placed around 4th place in the LCK. It really looks like Kingzone DragonX is safely securing its spot at the “Western League” (A Korean slang for the Playoffs ranks).

Deft: It helps that we were beaten by the powerful teams at the beginning of the spring split, in fact. We were able to realize just how bad our current performance is and work even harder.

TusiN: Our performance is unstable. However, if we are in good form that day we could even beat Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming. If we can, we will be able to go even higher in the rankings.

Today’s match-up also drew attention because you went against Ruler and Life,  two players who are thought to be one of the strongest bot lanes in the LCK. Were you conscious of this fact?

Deft: Ruler does not prefer non-marksman bot lane carries, so we tried to exploit that.

TusiN: I think Deft is just as good an AD carry [as Ruler] so I was confident [in the match-up].

You will have a bit of a break for the Lunar New Year holidays, then face your next opponent, SK Telecom T1. What are your predictions or resolutions for the match?

Deft: As far as I am aware, SKT is third place in the LCK. In order for us to get to third place, we have to play as if we have to win all the remaining matches. Out of these, the match against SKT will be the hardest one. I’d really like to win against SKT.

TusiN: SKT is one of the best teams in the LCK, and I continue to see them perform well. We will have to continue to practice hard in order to beat them.


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