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Kingzone’s Cuzz regarding the CC synergy between Yasuo and Gragas: “After picking it, I didn’t think we would lose.”

Cuzz is the sole MVP of today's match against Jin Air Greenwings. Image Source: Riot

Kingzone DragonX defeats Jin Air Greenwings to maintain their fourth place spot in the 2019 LCK Spring split. With the recent string of upsets, such as Gen.G’s miraculous victory over Griffin to deny a perfect regular season, there were many who wondered if Jin Air would be the continuation of such a trend. However, Kingzone showed domination from the very start, finishing the match with a quick 2-0 to keep their playoff dreams alive.

Riot Korea interviewed Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan following the match.

Cuzz, your performance in game has been rising up recently, receiving multiple solo MVPs in the last few series.

Cuzz: I think my level of play has increased recently, and by being given more aggressive jungle champions, I think my plays were more emphasized for the viewers.

The Yaragas [Yasuo and Gragas] duo was played by Kingzone in both games. When it is picked, is there any rise in confidence from you and PawN?

Cuzz: We practiced the [Yasuo and Gragas] duo many times, and we have won every time we brought it out in LCK. After picking it, I didn’t think we would lose.

There was a moment when you solo killed your opponent jungler in the first game. There was a ward in the Krug camp.

Cuzz: Thanks to Rascal’s ward there, I was able to get the kill more easily.

There must have been a lot of thoughts regarding Seize’s pathing in game. 

Cuzz: Since all of my lanes had priority, wherever I went, I was able to grab advantages. So, I just went wherever I felt like going.

In both games, you built Mejais. Were you confident that you wouldn’t die?

Cuzz: As long as I play Gragas, I was confident I wouldn’t die. Also, I often build Mejais in Solo Q as well, so I decided to buy it today.

“Go, my book, and help destroy the world as it is.”-Russell Banks. Image Source: Riot

In both games’ draft, Lissandra and Lucian were picked in top lane. Was it prepared beforehand, or done on the fly?

Cuzz: While in the pick and ban, we thought it would be better if those champions were sent to top lane.

Rascal was the first player to play Lissandra in top lane. Is Rascal wary of playing unorthodox champions that other teams tend to not play?

Cuzz: Since top Lissandra is sometimes picked in Solo Q, I don’t think he was too pressured.

PawN’s performance recently was also amazing, but due to your plays being so impactful, he has yet to receive MVP. 

Cuzz: While PawN’s always talking about how it’s such a shame he didn’t receive an MVP yet, in the Yaragas duo, Gragas is the main character, so I apologize.

With Gragas, you were able to deal 19k damage to enemy champions. Do you think you can get higher in the future?

Cuzz: With Gragas, even if the game goes late game, I’m sure I can rank first in the damage chart.

You will be facing Gen.G in your next match, who has recently defeated Griffin in their most recent series. How will you prepare?

Cuzz: In the first round, we defeated Gen.G 2-1, so we will prepare harder and look to win.


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