Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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AfreecaTV to team up with CloudTemplar and independently broadcast LCK Spring Finals with OGN casters

Image Source: AfreecaTV

AfreecaTV, a streaming solution in Korea, will partner with CloudTemplar and host an alternative broadcast for LCK Spring Split Finals; independent of the official broadcast produced by SPOTV and streamed on Twitch.

The broadcast will be streamed on CloudTemplar’s official AfreecaTV channel. The casting lineup includes three OGN casters, CloudTemplar, Kim Dong Joon and Dangoon; LightStone, a former SPOTV caster; and Park Sang Hyun, a popular PUBG caster.

The AfreecaTV broadcast will commence with a pre-show at 4PM KST, an hour from the finals. Casters will give an analysis of the teams, Afreeca Freecs and Kingzone DragonX and the players; call and interview other LCK teams and coaches; educate and hype the viewers before the finals. At 5PM KST the stream will kick off broadcasting the Spring finals.

The iconic OGN trio, CloudTemplar, Jun Yong-jun and Kim Dong-jun, command royalty from Korean League of Legends fans. Source: Twitter@Pic_AlwaysGG

Fans react to the news of an alternative, OGN-casted coverage of the LCK finals

Korean fans in Inven and DCInside have come forward welcoming the news. Since LCK broadcasting rights have been split between SPOTV and OGN, Korean fans have statistically preferred OGN casts over the newer SPOTV cast. To meet fans’ needs, CloudTemplar, one of the OGN casting trio, has already been hosting and casts an alternative stream of LCK games for days broadcasted by SPOTV. Despite being the “unofficial” stream, CloudTemplar’s coverages attract up to twice as many Korean viewers compared to SPOTV’s online broadcasts, statistics show.



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