Afreeca’s Kiin regarding Dread’s picks: “There are some champions that make me doubt. However, I try to believe in him as much as possible.”

Kiin and Aiming are today's MVP against Griffin. Image Source: Korizon

Afreeca Freecs defeated Griffin to keep their hopes of escaping relegation alive. After their defeat by Gen.G in the previous match, Griffin looked to redeem themselves against Afreeca. However, Afreeca Freecs, in a major upset, was able to best the first place team in LCK.

Riot Korea interviewed Kim “Kiin” Gi-in and Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram following their match.

It must have been nerve-racking to be facing the first place team, but we couldn’t see any of that from your plays today.

Kiin: Our recent scrims were going well for us, so we were quite confident going into today’s match.

Aiming you have improved so much since our last interview.

Aiming: In our scrims, we went on a 10 game win streak, which, I think, carried over to today’s series.

However, today’s match went to a full set. Wasn’t it difficult maintaining focus when the series dragged on?

Aiming: I said we should finish this 2-0 because I thought it would be difficult if the series went all the way to three games. In the third game, everyone was tense but pulled themselves together to play it out.

Kiin, in the first game, you played Aatrox, which is quite an underappreciated champion. What are your thoughts about the champion?

Kiin: Personally, I think Aatrox is a good pick right now.

In the first game, the difference in the top lane was quite significant, having such an easy time against Riven. How were you able to set it up?

Kiin: If the game goes late, it’s quite disadvantageous for Aatrox. Therefore, I played as aggressively as I could early on, which worked out for me.

Dread has played Kindred and Kha’zix today, which are champions that we don’t see often in LCK. Does Dread favor these kinds of champions in the jungle?

Kiin: He is very confident in that sort of jungler, and he asks for it a lot. I think he’s good at them.

So, do you believe in Dread’s choice of jungler, no matter what kind of champion it is?

Kiin: There are some champions that make me doubt. However, I try to believe in him as much as possible.

There was a Herald fight in the first game, in which your opponent TPd in late from the bot lane. Did you notice that?

Kiin: We didn’t really take note of our opponent’s TP, and instead thought about how we have all five of our players and went for a fight.

After the fight, you managed to ambush Sword. What inspired you to path that way?

Kiin: I was going up to clear the wave in the top lane, but then I spotted [Sword’s Riven] on the way. I think I was quite fortunate there.

Aiming you played amazingly on Lucian in the third game. It must have been tough, considering your opponent was Viper. 

Aiming: Since they are such good players, I tried to match them as much as I can, which, I think, lead to our victory.

There is a staff member in our production that claims that you, Aiming, is the best Lucian in the world. Do you agree with that sentiment?

Aiming: Looking at just this series, I think I was the best.

Lehends’ Thresh hooks were on point throughout the game. When you saw an angle for a fight, how were you planning on playing around it?

Aiming: We decided to buy early QSSs to deal with the CC from their team, which contributed greatly to our teamfights against [Griffin].

In the last fight of game 3, you were away from the majority of your team, staying in the river below. Do you remember that?

Aiming: I was looking for an angle in two different areas, to deal as much damage as possible in the teamfight.

Your synergy with your support was evident in the match. What do you think?

Aiming: Today, I think Jelly was slightly disappointing, but he was still great.

This victory against Griffin must have been quite an important one for you.

Kiin: I am not the type of player to get excited while playing, but during the match against Griffin, I couldn’t help but feel exhilarated. I think today was quite a fun match for me.

Aiming: I am so glad that we managed to beat the first place team Griffin. I guess we are kryptonite against strong teams.

Any last words for the fans?

Kiin: In our last series against kt Rolster, we did manage to defeat them, but due to our poor record there were lots of worries expressed by fans. We will try our best in our remaining games, so please continue to support us.

Aiming: We, as a team, will try our best to show better plays in the future.


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