LCK spring split finals draws 2.88 million concurrent viewers, 2.42 million of it international

The 2019 LCK spring split finals broke previous records by peaking in 2.88 million concurrent viewers, Riot Korea told in a press release.

On the 7th of May, Riot Korea released various statistics around the 2019 LCK spring split, the first LCK split that was exclusively produced by Riot Korea. According to the release, the spring split finals between Griffin and SK Telecom T1 peaked at 2.88 million concurrent viewers, of which 460,000 were from South Korea and 2.42 million were from overseas. This is the highest number of concurrent viewers that the LCK has seen since the tournament was renewed in 2015.

90 matches were held throughout the regular season of the spring split, and a match on average peaked at 71,000 concurrent viewers. 15,900 of the concurrent viewers were within South Korea, while 55,100 of the viewers were from overseas.

Riot Korea also released some statistics around the live attendance of the LCK matches. 90 matches were held at LoL Park, the new home to LCK, during the regular season of the 2019 LCK spring split. A match was attended by 333 live audiences on average. 42 matches out of the 90 regular season matches were sold out, as well as all of the 4 playoff matches.

59.7% of the live audience were males, while 40.3% were females. There was also a significant foreign representation among the seats of LoL Park; 3.8% of the live audience during the regular season were international fans.


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